Asia Chapter

The Asia Chapter is for members within the Asian Countries. The objectives of the Chapter are:

A. To foster, promote and advance the science of exposure analysis related to environmental
stressors in human populations and ecosystems.

B. To promote communication among scientists, policy makers, the general public and other
individuals or organizations interested in items listed in Objective A.

C. To strengthen the impact of exposure science on environmental policy making.

D. To serve as the focal point for interaction of members of the Society and other interested
individuals from academia, government and industry in the East Asian countries, i.e., to provide
communication and interaction opportunities for researchers, particularly young investigators
and scientists associated with government whose opportunity to travel to international
meetings is limited.

E. To further improve understanding, awareness, and appropriate applications of exposure
science, and to promote an exchange of ideas, communication and practical experiences among
members of the academic, professional, industrial and regulatory communities engaged in
exposure science; e.g., exposure scientists, epidemiologisits, toxicologists and other scientists in
academia, government and industry in the East Asian countries.

F. To disseminate exposure information and concepts to all interested individuals.

G. To foster integration and interaction of the various disciplines involved in exposure science.

H. To hold scientific and educational meetings and workshops.

I. To act as a resource for and provide support to the Society.

Current President
Satoshi Nakai
Yokohama National University