Chapters Committee

Meeting Frequency: As Needed

Meeting Schedule: N/A

For more information please contact Markey Johnson

Committee Members

Markey Johnson Chair - Membership Committee Liaison

Phil Hopke 

Tom McKone  

Rosemary Zaleski  

Paloma Beamer - Ex-Officio


 Chapter Presidents:

Laura Kwong - California 

Markey Johnson - Canada

Hua Qian - Tri-State

Satoshi Nakai - Asia

Yuri Bruinen de Bruin - Europe


Mission Statement

The Chapter’s mission is to advance exposure science through regional members’ activities.


The objectives of the Chapter are to:

  • Promote communication among members and other interested individuals from academia, government and industry reside in the same region
  • Share knowledge on local scientific, regulatory and policy issues that require an understanding of exposure to environmental agents
  • Provide forum for promoting students and young investigators participation in the field of exposure science
  • Foster the growth of the Society through the Chapter’s activities


Recent Past Accomplishments

Information coming soon.

Current Activities

Information coming soon.