IPA/DGUV Award for Young Exposure Scientists

Criteria and Procedures

About the IPA/DGUV Award for Young Exposure Scientists

This award, new in 2009 and formerly called the DGUV/BGFA Award, is to foster research in exposure areas with linkages to biomonitoring for superior doctoral students working on their dissertation or in the first year postdoctoral experience and whose doctoral field is exposure sciences, occupational/environmental health sciences, toxicology, biochemistry, biology or a related field. This award from the DGUV* Institute for Prevention and Occupational Medicine (IPA) was created to represent its high regard for the work of Professor Jüergen Angerer in furthering biomonitoring in exposure sciences in Europe and the rest of the world.

* The DGUV (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung - German Social Accident Insurance) is an association of accident insurance institutions. Its members insure over 70 million people against the consequences of occupational, school and commuting accidents and occupational diseases.


2017 Stephanie Hammel
Duke University
Durham, NC, USA

2016 Marissa G. Baker
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, USA

Jacqueline Biesterbos, Ph.D. candidate
Department of Health Evidence
Radboud University
Radboud University Medical Center
Nijmegen, NL
Caterina Vacchi-Suzzi, Ph.D. candidate
Department of Preventive Medicine
Stony Brook University
School of Medicine
Stony Brook, NY, USA
Cristina Quinn, Ph.D. candidate
Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences
University of Toronto
Scarborough, CAN
Binnian Wei, Ph.D. candidate
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institue
Rutgers University
Rutgers School of Public Health
Piscataway, NJ, USA
Liesel Seryak, Ph.D. candidate
Division of Environmental Health Sciences
The Ohio State University
College of Public Health
Columbus, OH, USA
Marie Frederiksen, Ph.D. candidate
Department of Environmental Chemistry & Microbiology
Aarhus University
National Environmental Research Institute
Aarhus, DEN